This Blog Will Change…

…to English!

I made this decision because I want to remove the nasty language barrier for all the potential international readers of my blog. I also hope to be able to reach more readers and trigger more discussions with this change.

No pros without cons…the drawbacks of writing in English (which is not my mother tongue) will be more mistakes (grammar, punctuation marks, prepositions,…) in my blog posts, but I promise that I will do my best to improve! 😉

Like always I welcome your feedback!

Stay tuned!



Published by

Stefan Wunder

My name is Stefan Wunder and I am a passionate Agile coach from Graz, Austria. I have been working in the software industry since 2006, being an agile practitioner since 2011. I have experience with pioneering Agile, transitioning teams from waterfall to Agile, as well as working with established high performance teams within scaled agile enterprises. I worked with co-located as well as with dispersed teams, in start-ups, medium sized companies and big global enterprises in various industries. Currently I am working as enterprise Agile coach at AVL List GmbH.

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