The Scrum Master Maturity Model

This blog post is dedicated to¬†Angel Medinilla‘s awesome “Scrum Master Maturity Model”, which describes three¬†levels of maturity a scrum master can reach (before Agile nirvana is reached ūüôā ):

  • The Scrum Dude:¬†Scrum Dudes have rudimentary¬†scrum master skills¬†and little experience with scrum,¬†which results into¬†low-performing¬†and mostly disoriented teams. Scrum Dudes are more like secretaries for their teams.
  • The Scrum Mom:¬†Scrum Moms¬†are¬†solicitous and protective to their teams like a mother¬†for her children.¬†Teams with a Scrum Mum can be¬†well functional, but Scrum Moms miss to¬†challenge their teams, which often leads to stagnation.
  • The True Scrum Master:¬†The true¬†scrum master coaches,¬†leads and develops¬†high-performance¬†teams that¬†are able to self-reflect, learn and¬†continuously improve. She¬†addresses conflicts,¬†keeps the team challenged, encouraged and¬†motivated.

Scrum master maturity model


Angel’s¬†model is of high practical value, because it gives us a visual representation of the actual scrum master role we find¬†in the industry. In fact I have met¬†many¬†so-called “scrum masters” who later turned out to be Scrum Dudes or¬†Scrum Moms, but very little who were actually true Scrum Masters. Let’s improve this! We need true Scrum Master to¬†improve our¬†organizations!